MSA Elections 2022

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Voting: Open until Tue, 06/07/2022 - 23:59

Proposed Bylaw Amendment - Program Chair

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The MSA Executive Board is proposing an amendment to our bylaws in order to create a year of overlap between the incoming and outgoing Program Chairs. The proposed amendment does not change the term of office of the Program Chair, which remains three years. Instead, it specifies that the incoming Program Chair will serve in their first year as the Vice Program Chair, becoming Program Chair in their second year after apprenticing with the outgoing Program Chair. This will ease the transfer process and allow for increased institutional memory.

MSA Elections 2021 Ballot

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MSA Test Election

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Referendum to Alter Constitution and Bylaws

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Addition of New Positions to Executive Committee - Contingent Faculty Representative and Graduate Student Representative

2019 MSA Election

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